COVID-19 Testing

We are doing RAPID & PCR COVID TESTING FOR our patients.


We are testing both Symptomatic and patients with a positive exposure. We do require our patients with a positive exposure and no symptoms to be tested no earlier than 5 days after initial exposure. This is to ensure the most accurate of results.

Our Rapid test offers same day results, and the PCR tests are sent to an outside lab and results can take anywhere from 24-72 hours.

If you are pending results and are past the 72-hour window. Please complete the contact form below and we will promptly respond.

*During a time of high volume testing the outside labs may have an increased result window.

1. What are symptoms of COVID?

Include but not limited to: cough, runny nose/congestion, headache, sore throat,
fever, chest pain, red eyes, loss of taste/smell, abdominal pain, rash, fatigue or
any other flu like symptoms.

2. When should I consider testing?

a. Any symptoms of COVID
b. Exposure to COVID

3. When should I quarantine?

a. Quarantine with symptoms while awaiting results of testing
b. Quarantine should start when notified of exposure to someone who tested positive for COVID and should last for 10 days from the date of last contact. Quarantine can end early if tested with a PCR on day 5 AFTER last contact and it returns negative.

4. What ages can be vaccinated?

a. Currently Pfizer is approved for 12 and up (hoping for 5 and up this fall)
b. Moderna and J&J are approved for ages 18 and up

5. What is the difference in a rapid antigen test and a NAAT/PCR test?

a. A rapid antigen test can detect symptomatic illness by detecting the viral antigen that implies a current viral infection. It is most accurate during a small window of time with symptoms present-too early or late or asymptomatic can result in a false negative
b. A NAAT/PCR test can detect symptomatic and asymptomatic illness by detecting the viral RNA gene and can imply a recent or current infection. It is considered the golden standard of testing.

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